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    Whether it's residential, commercial, retail, outlets, public building projects with the use of our creative ideas, latest material, modern technology and intricate detailing. We blend the aesthetics of the place with the functionality and the desire of the client to transform the space into masterpiece dreamed of.


    Cubicle is an interior design and architectural firm focused on both commercial and residential projects. Our experienced and skilled interior designers deliver creative, innovative and visionary solution for each and every interior space. Our meaningful design put your lifestyle first. Lying at the heart and soul of everything we do is our determination to create innovative thoughtful and ideal architecture and design build with people in mind. Our design approach is collaborative efforts between client and designer, resulting in personalized experience focus on style, functionality, programmatic needs and budget. We engage our client from beginning of the idea and design development through the construction administration process. This specialized approach will ensure our client's vision is effectuated and every detail has been taken care of. Our interior designer create environment that that defines client's want and aesthetic goals. Our thoughtful approach combines modern and traditional elements with timeless and classic design principles to design spaces that truly reflect where our client wants to live, work and play.


    We are passionate about blending elements of nature with built environment to create thoughtfully planned and sustainable communities. Lying at the center of everything our firm aims to create visionary urban landscapes with people and environment in mind. We push the limit with our skilled landscape architects and master planners who hit mark everytime. Our landscape architecture studio consist of highly skilled and seasoned landscape architects proficient in addressing a variety of site related design issue on a project large and small. Our efforts serves to benefit, enhance and revitalize our communities and neighborhoods. Great communities do not happen by chance, they develop out of thoughtful planning, acknowledging the past and directing the future. Our careful planning utilizes meaningful green space open space network and designated active, passive and gathering experiences that create successful space while enhancing and revitalizing our communities. The placement of architecture within the site must not be compelled but blended with the natural elements. Cubicle is all about making professional landscape designs that are more accessible to the homeowner dig in with us to design your perfect outdoor space!


    Architecture provide an opportunity to not only add beauty and structure to the world but to profoundly enhance and reform the conditions of people, community, society, business and environment. We offer architectural design service that cover planning and concept development through construction documents. Our custom designed services incorporate individual client’s goals and program requirements resulting in triumphant project solutions. By being engaged throughout the design process we are able to deliver a level a personalized and customized service that allow us to meet and exceeds our client’s expectations. Our experienced and talented architectural designs that includes an artesian touch. Lying at the heart and soul of everything we do is our determination to design innovative, thoughtful, and visionary architecture. Clients expectations our experienced and talented architects create elevated architectural designs that include an artesian touch. Lying at the heart and soul of everything we do is our determination to design innovative ,thoughtful and visionary architecture.

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